Make Like a Tree.
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Make Like a Tree

  • I’m an animal Locked in the cage of bones My body got a name What about my soul? I’m made of instincts I’m made of mud I’m food for insects I’m fart of God I’m sleeping I’m sleeping Is there’s anyone to wake me up The ground I’m beating now Soon will give me eternal hug I’m a deer in the woods I’m a man wearing black suite I’m a creature from the sea I’m the one inside you and me I’m an animal x3 Life is a hunter Chasing everyone x3 With it’s gun
  • tuning 1E 2D# 3B 4E 5B 6E Chords C#\A\E Давай оставим Открытыми краны И нас унесееет И нас унесеет К краю землии. Мы корабли В объятьях сирокко В объятьях сирокко Привет океан. Пролитые чернила Из наших ран Вынырнут киты Из наших ран Души капитанов Согреты куросио Залегли на дноооо Залегли на дно. А Юнга видит сны Не закрывая глаз Про то как я и ты В последний раз В последний раз.
  • tuning 1E 2C# 3D 4D 5A 6E chords Hm\A\G\A My grandma take your guns And make all bad boys run My grandma take your guitar And sing me your old hippie song She is counting wales From her balcony She breathe Pacific waves Can you feel that I? Can you feel that I’m a part of you? I’m a part of you
  • Future friends - lyrics and chords tuning 1E 2B 3B 4E 5B 6E chords C#\B\A favicon Перейти It is cold enough to hide In somebody’s warm house I hope that you don’t mind Opening the door My Future friends My possible lovers Keep a space for me in your arms I’m on my way I’m on my way Everything starts now He is secretly around In every wall In every sound Nothing else nothing else around me Nothing else nothing else around me Oooonly your Oooonly your Frequency Surrounds me
  • In the beginning of my 2.5 year trip I was touring far east of Russia and visited my friend in Khabarovsk city. He is a very talented musician who I used to know for ages and he have just started a new project “The Cosmic Setter” and we decided to make a collaboration. As a result, we got a New Year song. The Cosmic Setter composed music and lyrics and Make Like a Tree is featured here on a background vocals. music - The Cosmic Setter vocals - The Cosmic Setter vocals - Make Like a Tree lyrics - The Cosmic Setter Some day you run slowly I thought you were gently Staring at your pillow I close my eyes to dream on Here I am staying fine, You know nothing about my chemistry
  • Make Like a Tree – Happy B song I’m getting closer To his gardens With every seconds With every hour Tell my mother Time has swallowed me With It's sands With It's sands Make Like a Tree – Happy B song I’m getting closer To his gardens With every seconds With every hour Tell my mother Time has swallowed me With It's sands With It's sands реклама Подробнее I'm lost I'm lost between the watch hands We've got no time left x3 We were born already dead Don't even give a try x3 Pretend that you're alive Run away from your house Can't you see that it is burning now We are ashes in town cause time is fire This happy b song For you and me son To remind us That we won't stay for too long I'm ripe Getting rotten warm of time Eating me from inside
  • Make Like a Tree - Birdwatcher Welcome back to my Welcome back to my rainforest Don't forget we are Don't forget we are birdwatchers Put your hands into the river Can you feel Shiver of my heart Through the water Through the water And ground You are daughter of birds Sing me loud Put your hands into the river 2 Put your steps to where we were 2 Young 2