Песня «Figure.09 (Live In Texas)»
исполнителя Linkin Park.
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  • Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes… Hybrid I've been diggin' in crates ever since I was livin' in space Before the rat race, before monkeys had you in traits I mastered numerology, big band theology, performed lobotomies with telekinetic psychology Invented the mic to so I can start blessin' in Chin-checkin' kids to make my point like an impressionist Many men tried to shake us But I twist my chords like double helixes to show ‘em what I'm made of I buckle knees like leg braces, cast a spell of instrumentalist on all of you MC's who hate us So you can try on, leave you without a shoulder to try on From now to infinite, let icon be bygones I fire bombs, ghostly notes haunt this I tried threats, but moved on to a promise I stomp shit with or without an accomplice And run the gauntlets with whoever that wants this Chorus: High voltage This is the unforgettable sound High voltage Bringin' you up and takin' you down High voltage Comin' up from every side High voltage Makin' the rhythm and rhyme collide I've put a kink in the backbones, of clones, with microphones Never satisfied my rhymes joins Sprayin' brin' day over what you might say My blood types crayon, Technicolor type A On highways write with road rage Cages a win, cages a tin, that bounce all around Surround sound Devourin' the scenes Subliminal gangrene paintings, over all the same things Sing songs karaoke copy bullshit Break bones verbally with sticks and stones tactics Forth dimension, compact convention Write rhymes with ease while the track stands at attention Men to put you away, with the pencil Pistol, official, sixteen line, a rhyme missile While you risk your all I pick out at your flaws Singin' rah blah, blah, blah you can say you saw Chorus. Who's the man, the man in your hand over your land Rovin' over man's boldin' when he's jammin' your plans ova I am vice colorists, the most ferocious When I spy my third eye, it's extremely high voltage That's why I need ruby corks glasses, cuz when I glance of the chest Then I might blast the masses Subliminal translated through piano Chorus.