Песня «Kids»
исполнителя Glintshake.
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Текст песни:

The sun eye stare
At the glowing air
Days are long
You always walk alone

Destroy this place
And leave no trace
Run away
From one more useless day

If you have time to waste you have so many many ways
You can lift up your face or you can marry your vomit
But if you restrain the rage, it will break out one day
Or on the other day even if you don’t want it

Kids on the run
Just having fun with the lighter
But sun is going down
And the fire’s getting brighter

Love’s so cool
Like a burning fuel
We’re so exciting
The night’s no longer frightening

And when your face
Lit up with the blaze
Your shadow grows up
And screams and cuts itself off

When your shadow chase you in the strange haunted place
Lose yourself in the haze or hide your face in the collar
Now kids escape the town and night will never let em down
The darkness roar and frown and fill their hearts with the horror

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